Favorite Fridays: Ten Tabletop Accessories

Due to the fact that I have no budget in buying furniture, meaning I don’t have any funds to make such big purchases as opposed to having unlimited funds, my favorite way to refresh my home is to look at items that are interchangeable during the seasons. I’ve included my favorite/ coveted tabletop accessories that remain timeless and can stay displayed for all four seasons. Look for fresh, neutral colors that can be placed in any space in your home. My style is very eclectic and modern with a twist of romance incorporated in it. I like to balance my home with minimal mid-century and classical touches, so hubby and I can meet in the middle. These items sell for less than $100 and are a great way to change up your space.  “Happy wife, happy life,” is what the Mister says. I say, “Thrifty wife, nifty life.” Happy decorating!


Left to Right: Top Row- Mid-century F.A.I.P. Lamp by The Atomic Attic on Etsy, Succulent Terrarium from http://www.decoist.com, Vintage Southwestern Tablerunner from Awesometownvintage on Etsy; Middle Row: Jacinta Candle Pot from anthropologie.com, Vintage Milk Glass Pedestal Bowl from The Vintage Treehouse on Etsy, Chrysanthemum Mezzo Vase from anthropologie.com; Bottom Row: Turquoise Mehndi Mason Jar from http://www.lunabazaar.com, Earthtone Balloon Vases from http://www.vivaterra.com, Farmers Market Basket from anthropologie.com, Agate Plates and Coasters from http://www.vivaterra.com


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