The South Has Tractor Parades

Being that we have done pretty much everything in NC as a family, there’s nothing more exciting than a carnival that comes to town. NC has its annual Fall State Fair in October, but there are usually smaller events that take place that’s family friendly. We went to the Got to be NC fair today, which is more of an agricultural fair. It was free to get in and you can’t beat that if you’re desperate enough to find something different to do around here. I’ve never seen so many farm equipment in my life.

Saffy is a bit older and I was curious about her being able to go on the kiddie rides. She got to ride the kiddie train by herself and much to my dismay, Andy took her on the Ferris Wheel. If there is a time that would cause me to go into early labor, it probably would have been the site of my tiny baby going on an open Ferris Wheel that swings and the image of her sliding right underneath the seat rails. I was having major hot flashes and seriously considering fake fainting, so they would get off that thing. What made me even more nervous was when I thought they were about to get off the ride and then the conductor let them go one more round while he unloaded the other lucky souls. Right when they were stopped at the top, a storm started brewing and the wind started to hiss like we were expecting a tornado to come through at that moment. I didn’t want an “I told you so” moment with my husband, so I just prayed that they get off that ride safely before that wind flipped their seat over. Everyone was safe and sound, but as for my husband, that’s a different story. At least Saffy had a blast.


Vintage Aldo Cowboy Boots are perfect for this Agriculture Fest.


You see that girl in the front photobombing? I couldn’t resist posting this. She looked like she wanted out.


Love how they added flowers to make it more charming.


I told you there’d be tractors.


Making fun of me from the ride.


See how she can easily slip underneath? I couldn’t take the stress.


What exciting things have you done this weekend?


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