Thrifty Tuesdays: Serendipity


Local thrift shopping find

In the wake of the devastation in Oklahoma, I’d like to first acknowledge that people are in need of healing and relief. If you would like to help, please donate to the Red Cross. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

So, vintage shopping here in the Raleigh area has come to a what I call a buyer’s drought. My days thrift shopping have become more of a job than an easy day of procurement of lots of cool stuff. My style has evolved through the years and I believe that’s what’s caused me to have a difficult time finding exactly what I need. I’ve found some pretty neat things along the years, but that’s just it– it’s taken me years to accumulate furniture and decorations that suit my taste without just going out to buy a brand new piece from a retail store. I’ve saved a ton of money that way, but tons of hours scavenging. Andy doesn’t understand that he’d be broke if he was with some other girl. I’ve managed to purchase/make furniture and home decor for under $100. He’s starting to understand now after we were looking for a quality dresser that doesn’t chip or fall apart after a year, that furniture is really expensive. I mean really expensive. I don’t know where he comes from thinking that a dresser should cost $50! So, with little funds that go to food and gas, I’m not left with much to make our home more stylishly homely.

And that’s when serendipity comes to play. After going through a buyer’s drought, I pretty much had no faith in bargain shopping here. Discouraged, I have pretty much given up. The pieces that are found in antique stores and flea markets here in NC are usually overly ornate and full of scroll work or shabby chic. My taste fits in neither category. Upon visiting a local thrift shop for some blankets, the hidden gem above was hiding from view and toppled with dusty lamps from the 90’s. Not paying too much attention to it, I looked at a chair right next to it contemplating if I even had the time to reupholster it. I placed my hand on the dresser whilst staring at the chair and my hand happened to rub on the price tag label, which said $20.00. $200.00! For this drab thing! Wait….$20.00?! I need to get my eyes checked. Confused and a bit dizzy like I was seeing things, I took a step back and took a good look at the junk that someone didn’t need anymore — a freaking Mid-century credenza for $20?! I think my husband was right when he said that furniture shouldn’t cost more than $50. I didn’t even thoroughly look at the furniture, before I was searching for an employee to ask for delivery. That baby was mine and I wasn’t letting go of it! The thrift store of course doesn’t deliver, but I begged the loading guys in the back to give me this one piece of happiness. Of course, it probably helped that I looked like I was about to pop anytime, so they probably felt obligated to help a preggo chick out. When it arrived to its rightful home, I inspected it and busted out my nail gun to secure the backing. I polished my new baby, vacuumed the drawers,  and added some bronze knobs like it was a Ferrari. Much to my surprise, this treasure was made by Lane. And I know Lane. They manufacture amazing quality furniture and much more, this is a Mid-century piece, which sells for $600 and up. Delivery and credenza = $40. That my friends, is serendipity. 

The moral of this post– when you feel like giving up on your thrifty searches, don’t be discouraged. All things have energy, even furniture. The right one will call to you when you least expect it. Have faith that it’s out there even if it takes months. Let me know about your most treasured thrift find in the comment section!


iPhone shot. Saffy loves it too because she has more places to climb now.


2 thoughts on “Thrifty Tuesdays: Serendipity

  1. What a fantastic find! Your dresser looks beautiful and at a bargain price. I live in the UK and am intrigued by your thrift shops in the US. I think they are the equivalents of our charity shops but on a grand scale. In hope that I will experience thrift shopping US style one day.

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