DIY Mondays: Gold Splattered Vase Level: Easy


Gold Splattered Succulent Vase

It’s Memorial Day and I am hoping that all of you had a long weekend full of adventure and laziness! I’d like to start posting Mondays with projects that I’ve come up with myself, links to other crafty bloggers, and of course, Pinterest with my trial and errors recorded. I chose Mondays because if you are interested in doing any of these projects, you have several days before the weekend to gather and prepare your materials before diving right in.

This week, I did a quick project because I have been searching for the perfect centerpiece for my dining table. My dining table is oblong and I wanted to break up its angular shape by putting a round object in the middle. Also, my lighting fixture hangs low and I didn’t want to place anything tall that would be too distracting. I love succulents and wanted to have something unique, modern, and eclectic to put one in.

This project is a bit more specific when it comes to choosing your vase. You will need a vase that has enough space on the top to design and curvy at the bottom. I found mine at a local thrift shop for $5. There are many variations that you can choose from if you keep your eyes peeled.


Gather your paint supplies. I purchased mine from Walmart. You will need:

  • Krylon Paint and Primer Spray Paint in a White Gloss (or whatever hue you choose)
  • Folk Art Acrylic Paint in Antique Gold
  • Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel in a Glossy Finish (Krylon also offers a Glossy Clear Enamel, but I’ve been using Rustoleum for all my projects that need gloss)
  • Meal-size round paper plate
  • Pen or pencil
  • Newspapers or protective paper, to prevent paint from getting all over your table


1. You must do this in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors or in an open garage. Spray the bottom of the vase with the Krylon Paint and Primer in a sweeping motion until the bottom is covered. Let your vase dry for 30 minutes and reapply. Repeat this step for the top of the vase and let it completely dry.

DSC_8653 DSC_8654DSC_8669

2. Spread the newspaper on the table for protection and gather the Folk Art Acrylic Paint, paper plate, and a pen. Estimate or measure the diameter of the opening on the top of the vase and draw it on the paper plate.


3. Pour the gold acrylic paint around the drawing and lightly pour some “rays” on it.


4. Place your vase upside down onto the plate and then turn it right side up.


5. Carefully remove the plate from the vase and avoid smudging it. You can now add more gold paint lines around the imprint to give it that drip look.



6. For a speedier dry time, I placed my vase directly in the sun. Make sure that the acrylic paint is dried completely. If you have any areas that you want to touch up, the great thing about this paint is that it is water-based. Grab a Q-tip and a cotton ball and wet it. I like to go through some of the drippings on the bottom and clean it up a bit. It’s a lot easier when the paint is already dry, so you don’t accidentally smudge other areas of the vase.

7. Grab your Rustoleum Clear Enamel and start coating the bottom of the vase in a well-ventilated area. Repeat again after a few minutes then let it dry completely. Do the same for the top of the vase. One issue that I had with this step is that some parts of the white paint started to crack. I am not sure if it’s because I used Krylon and Rustoleum, instead of using the same Krylon brand for this step. If you happen to try using the same brand for the first and last coats, please let me know how yours turned out. The cracking was minimal on mine and gave it some vintage character, but I was still shocked as to why this happened.


8. The vase is done, but I took it a step further and planted a succulent inside. If you would like to do this, purchase your succulent of choice, gather some pea gravel or small rocks, and pour it into the vase (about 1/4 of the the vase). I do this step because there are no drainage holes for the water to seep through, so the rocks help with that part.


9. Put some dirt into the vase and plant your succulent. Then, top it off with some more small rocks.

10. Lastly, find a place to rock your creation!

DSC_8765 DSC_8771

Happy Memorial Day!


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