A Magical Thing Happened

Last Saturday when we went on an outing to a museum, a magical thing happened…


A large butterfly landed on my daughter’s arm while we were walking through the conservatory. It was a beautiful image of innocent wonder. It’s symbolic of transformation and that is exactly what is going on in our lives right now. If you haven’t heard, you can read about how much our lives have changed here.

Life has been chaotic, but in that chaos beauty remains and I have lately forgotten to see that. That Saturday, in that simple moment, I saw the magic that happens when love abounds and you trust in God to make you happy wherever you are. Just like that butterfly that trusted Saffron not to crush it, I started trusting again in something bigger and more powerful than I. I started trusting that everything will be alright and that this chaos will transform into something more manageable. Adjustments are hard, but I have the most supportive and compassionate husband that holds my hand through and through.


I am reminded how blessed and simple my life is and that magic is everywhere and in everything if you just be still and trust.





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