DIY Monday: Tape Happy

I could not decide whether to make this a DIY Monday post or a Thrifty Tuesdday post, but figured that it can just serve as an inspiration for those that want to update their child’s playroom storage.

Awhile back, we were in desperate need for a dresser to put in the guest bedroom. I didn’t want to buy a new one, but we needed one in any case. Lo and behold in our local Flea Market was a sturdy (I mean extremely heavy vintage wooden filing cabinet) for $25.00. I’m starting to think that I have a good eye for quality pieces under $30 because most of my furniture finds have been in the $20-$25 range. After having two kids, Andy and I have decided to make that extra bedroom into a classroom/playroom for Saffron, which gave me some relief because living in a two-story house is a pain when you have a two kids under four. I feed Ezra upstairs, but can’t keep my daughter to stay upstairs with me, so she would be unsupervised downstairs where all sorts of accidents can happen. The playroom is a work-in-progress, so more on that when it’s complete, but I wanted to share my mini project this past weekend how tape and paint can liven up a space and give it some drama.

Warning: The following two images are horrible and far from clear because they were shot from my iPhone, but it was the only way to get the right perspective of the dresser. My DSLR lens could not get it all in the frame.


The whole dresser was the color of the drawers until I painted some parts white, so it wouldn’t look so cumbersome in such a small space.

I had painted everything except the drawers a semi-gloss white because I wanted to give it a more modern and updated look. Without the paint, this furniture would be too heavy of a piece when I am going for fun, modern, and bright in the space.

This is not really a DIY, because I was too impatient to snap every step I did with a baby in a swing and a toddler screaming for me every. single. second. The next step that I did was use blue painter’s tape to work out a geometrical design that would fit in a unisex space, so it wouldn’t be too girly or too masculine. I then used my left over Behr sample paint from my previous dresser revamp to paint two coats between the tape. (I used Mint Majesty for this project). Here is the end result and it only took an hour and a half:

DSC_9993 DSC_0001 securedownload-1

Not bad for a $25 piece of furniture. I encourage you if you have an old storage cabinet or dresser to get tape happy too! Happy Monday!




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