Scissors and a Right of Passage

I have learned from consensus that little girls (and pre-teens) plus scissors equal hair disaster and that it has happened to the best of us. Well, it happened to my little girl when she thought that she could be Rapunzel from Tangled and chop off her locks!

First, I thought my scissors and other sharp objects were out of reach for her, but I guess she has recently gone through a surprising growth spurt, which allows her access to all sorts of trouble. Having my attention divided now between two kids, I can tell how easily and quickly accidents can happen. Being three, my little Spice has found her independence (and sneaky ways). When things get quiet, that is when you know that something is up. Well, it was quiet for awhile and she made it seem like she was obediently coloring. She must have thought that coloring was so juvenile because she broke out the tool that most of us have turned to out of complete boredom…scissors.

Inches of hair scattered everywhere on the carpet with no pair of scissors in sight until I saw the handles sticking out from her puppet theater. She comes out as if nothing happened when apparently, she bluntly chopped one side of her hair already. I assumed she was taking a break and returning to her scissors if I hadn’t said a word. First reaction, I was in a bit of shock. Then, I giggled because she looked like she was 18 months old again when her hair was short. Then, I got a bit irritated because she is starting ballet soon and I was definitely looking forward to putting her hair up in a bun. But, I couldn’t hold anything against her because I once chopped my bangs really short and somehow it kept getting shorter from Xena to  Audrey Hepburn to David Beckham short. I have come to believe that it is somehow a right of passage for girls, in which drastic hair experimentation proves a sense of independence and a blossoming character.

As for Saffron, she loves loves loves her Dorothy Hamill haircut, not thinking that Mama has to put a bow on her hair most times to distract from her handiwork. Here she is at the salon to even her hair out while I sat back and shook my head:


Does her doing a duck face look like she regretted chopping off half her hair?

She wanted to do a mini photoshoot in her outfit she chose herself and I knew that I am raising a Diva, but the confidence that she imbued in her photos was amazingly mature and now I know that she really did go through her own right of passage. She has only been on this earth for three years and I’m amazed at how much she changes every year. Time has to somehow slow down for me, so I can hold onto my little girl longer.

DSC_0005 DSC_0008 DSC_0016 DSC_0026 DSC_0027

One thing that she has taught me from this experience is that with confidence, you can rock out any mistake. So, never be afraid to make a change because you’ll never know if it will be any better unless you just do it. Thank you, Saffy for reminding me of that!




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