Boil, Boil, Toil and Trouble


Guess who tried and guess who didn’t?

So this Halloween, I had two kids to dress up. I usually make Saffron’s costumes, except for last year when I was pregnant, so we just bought her a pirate one. She was a Witch in a Cauldron her first Halloween. She was sushi the second. This year, she wanted to be a cross between a Princess and a Witch, but in blue (she’s very specific with her attires and who knows where she gets that from?). With very little time on my hands with my business, moving, and making sure the kids are alive, I put one together for her in a flash. Ezra will forgive me for not making his this year. He didn’t mind at all.

I grabbed a white dress that she had in her closet for playing dress-up and bought a paper witch hat from a craft store and went to town with all sorts of blues. Lots of spraying, glitter, and glueing were involved, but she loved it in the end.


The Blue Princess Witch and her Dragon


Off she goes on her broom!

DSC_1490 DSC_1501 DSC_1522 DSC_1525


I’m running out of ideas for next Halloween. Any suggestions?


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