Fashion Fridays: Paint The Town Me

This is the first Fashion Friday entry and what better way to start it off than by showcasing the lovely Rebecca from Paint The Town Me? Being a small business and WAHM (work at home mom), I’m all about supporting other women who juggle kids, home, day jobs, and their creative passions. I believe that these women are incredible at pursuing their dreams late at night while the whole house is asleep, they themselves are exhausted, and yet they toil with their tired hands to produce such beautiful work for all of us to enjoy.

I met Rebecca on Instagram and she is the sweetest person one can meet! So, I’d like for all of you to get to know this awesome lady and her Etsy shop also.


I have only been making jewelry since this year! I was ordering jewelry (I have quite a love for accessories and I’m such a collector of things) that I began to realize I could make my own. I did lots of research and just dove in! My inspirations truly come from everyday life. It can be something huge or the tiniest detail that starts my head spinning! I have always been a girl with no “set style” or “type”. I love many many styles ranging from glitzy dressy sparkling jewels, tribal, bohemian and ethnic and I’m always researching the newest trends! Im having so much fun with my new business. I had a friend that I loaned an outfit and jewels I made to and she remarked that she was going to “paint the town red” and I said “I think you’re painting the town ME)! That’s the story behind the catchy name. My styles are forever changing and being added to! Everything is made by me with lots of love!!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store at Paint the Town Me:

You can find her shop on Etsy:


Here I am wearing her beautifully simple pink horn necklace. It’s been a staple ever since I got it in the mail.

PTTMAgate PTTMbird PTTMChain PTTMTassel

New in her store are these lovely Moroccan Silk Tassel Necklaces! They are so fun!


Don’t forget to follow her on IG: @paintthetownme


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