A Spring Day in Winter and A Giveaway

This winter has been exceptionally cold and taking its sweet time here in North Carolina. I want to dig my fingers in some dirt and start planting again. I need to feel the Earth, reconnect, and feel grounded. Saffron needs to run in the open fields and let out that vivacious energy that often gets cooped up once the temperature hits lower than 45 degrees. It’s so difficult to do all that when it’s just too cold for comfort to be standing outside with a windchill of Antarctica.

This past week, Mother Nature finally gave us that beautiful break that we’ve been praying for, you’d think we were getting close to May. Off came the heavy coats and mittens! On came the light dresses and sandals! I was in my element. For three long hibernating months, I finally felt  the warmth that embraced my soul. We spent as much time possible reconnecting with Nature and replenishing on some Vitamin D.

Taken with my iPhone because I anticipated lots of running around and getting dirty. That would have been too much for my poor DSLR to handle. 


Lake Crabtree


Adventure seeking


Moments like these, we get to soak in the bare fundamentals of living: Earth, air, sun, and water. We need these to ground, breathe, reenergize, and replenish. I’m so grateful to even have had a chance to do that before I went insane from being cooped up indoors for so long and before the temperature plummets again (it’s supposed to snow again). It felt so unnatural and suffocating to not be outside often. If you had your Spring day, how did you spend it?

On another note and exciting to say the least, Jess from Sadiesky Boutique and Ashley from www.wordsaboutwaverly.blogspot.com are hosting a giveaway for a dreamcatcher I made for their It’s The Little Things Link Up. You must follow their lovely blogs. They are awesome and thoughts on motherhood are refreshing. The rules are found there also along with other beautiful blogs you can follow. You can enter by following my IG @hushbound and you can get multiple entries by following my shop on Etsy. Contest starts today, Wednesday and ends on Tuesday.



Best of luck!



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