Hi! My name is Sophia and welcome to my blog! My life is filled with color and joy, piling dishes and laundry, constant food chopping, butterfly kisses, homeschooling lessons, and more diaper changing coming very soon! I am a stay at home wife to Andy and mother to one sassy toddler, Saffron and upcoming baby boy, Ezra.


I’m a lover of:

  • vintage
  • design
  • finding ways to make motherhood a whole lot easier
  • road trips
  • beach
  • pies… all sorts of pies
  • thrift scavenging
  • photography
  • mid-century furniture
  • the smell of old books
  • most importantly, my family

Saffy chasing the sunrise.

My life is full of dreams and this blog helps keep those dreams in check through documenting special moments being a mother and wife, my ever evolving design style, and yummy food (who doesn’t want to hear about yummy food?).


Enjoy your reads and comment even just to say “Hi!” Follow @hushbound and Facebook to stay updated on stock, sales, and giveaways from my Etsy shop!


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