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3″ Dreamcatchers can be purchased as available finished products or customized to your choice of color scheme. Visit my Etsy and look for my shop at by clicking on the above image.

I am not a hoarder, ok, maybe just a little when it comes to pretty dainty ribbons and trims. Before deciding to embark on my creative journey into making doily dreamcatchers, I have probably accumulated baskets crates of pretty ribbon for various random creations. If I saw a pretty yard of lace, I’d buy it; delicate doilies, maybe someday for something. That someday is now and I am thrilled at how aesthetically useful they have been! These make special and unique gifts for anyone, especially for children and expecting parents to place in their babies’ nurseries.

Dreamcatchers have been made for many years by Native Americans as talismans to promote a peaceful slumber. They are traditionally placed above a person’s bed and the dreamcatcher’s job is to catch all the nightmares and let the good ones flow through. It’s a beautiful practice, imbuing well-being and positive energy for the person. Inspired by this, I made one for my toddler and placed it over her bed. The color, feathers, beads, and other trims compliment her colorful style and she fell in love with it.

I’d like to share these specially handmade dreamcatchers to place above your loved one’s beds also. They make for a great conversation piece and add a sense of eclectic style to your space. Just remember to keep these away from well-meaning pets. This formula will help remind you to hang it above their reach: Color + feathers + dangly pretties+ dogs/cats= mauled dreamcatcher!

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